Top 50+ Bad Website Designs | Poorly Designed Websites 2021

We love comfort in every way. Even while browsing the internet. However, on websites, the feature is usually referred to by another name: ease of use. Users are more likely to experience misuse of outdated designs. A poor or bad website designs doesn’t always contain attractive elements or scary images, unless you know how to crawl your website and waste a lot of time on your day-to-day tasks.

Bad Website Designs in 2021

User-friendly navigation inefficiencies may be enough to leave the site. The biggest difference between the best site design and the worst website design is that if a visually appealing site appeals to you, you want to enjoy it. User experience provided: I want to follow the story. Often, for a poorly designed website, the first reaction is to return to the search page to find a better option or experience. The worst part is that it’s rarely made intentionally. This is often due to poor selection of design elements or simply lack of experience. Sometimes sites fall victim to bad taste and humor that don’t “land”. Of course, this is one of the reasons why it is important to hire a professional.

Here is a list of bad website designs whose structure is too bad.

1. Yale University School of Art

Poorly Designed websites

We expect something special from this website. However, this particular website attacks the senses because it expects an art school website that is particularly visually appealing. When you’re in the right place, when you think, we’re talking beer! This site uses Ruby on Rails and is often programmed by teachers and students. But the tiled background graphics and horrible stylus options are not justified. The navigation is easy to use, but plenty of cartoon and anime pop wallpapers are enough.

The Big Ugly Website

the big ugly websites

To create the Big Ugly website, the designers showed all the horrors of outdated design and discomfort. This is a good example for anyone who thinks other web resources aren’t bad enough to be included in this review. You won’t find navigation here because of its amazing and useful animations, attractive fonts, underlined text and banners. Anyway, this page is a mess.

Suzanne Collins Books

poor web designs

I love Suzanne Collins, the famous author of the Hunger Games trilogy. Expect Susan Collins’ book to be beautiful and modern, with great details about the castle’s inhabitants and accurate descriptions of future costumes. But this is far from that. Hello dead links, space and navigation issues. amazing Try it yourself. The website is designed to be 200% bigger and nothing happens when you click on the book cover on the main page. We now have a great Word document for our readers to download, which lists the Children’s Choice Awards nominees. Not sure if you can download the Word save document, but not sure if it’s just another page.

Tag Team Signs

worst website designs

After a busy life, visit the Tag Team Signs website. From routing to responsive design, all of these designs have their problems. The Flash site of your choice. The music starts playing without permission and the animation stops every second. This site does not work only on mobile devices. Legal Notice: Don’t go if you’re having a bad day.

High School Sports in Mississippi

bad web design list

This website is technically outdated, as it’s easy to say that designers haven’t heard of responsive templates. The color scheme can pay homage to Confederate celebrations, but when the sun shines, you’ll want to find those colors again. The entire page wraps and the content is not placed on another page. In fact, you need to download the PDF file to read the contents of each page. As far as we can imagine, the website was using the wrong layout. For better results, you can use WordPress magazine themes/templates.

Gulla’s Arrestling

bad site lists

This site promotes the brutality of website design as the world is obsessed with police violence in some countries. The look and feel is very attractive and the material is slightly less than allowed. Of course, everyone but web designers knows what the SEO “title” tag means. The worst thing is that the registration form for the next meeting is a PDF file. Therefore, it cannot be changed online. You need to download it and email it. Also, the website doesn’t have a built-in payment method, so you’ll have to pay by phone and credit card.

Exmouth View Hotel

looking bad website

I am convinced it is a hotel that advertises its presence on the website and has lost many customers. If you want to spend some time designing your Clippy website, visit the Exmouth View Hotel website. This is probably the worst hotel website that exists. Get inspired if you want to surprise your guests at the Bates Hotel reception.

Illuminati Exposers

waste websites

Sure, the name gets a lot of attention, but this site causes physical discomfort. You might think about waking people up from the wreckage of the storyline, but to be honest, designers need to be completely awake before posting such an ugly site. You may be wondering, “Have you been to any other website?” Browsing isn’t your friend, even if you get rid of fancy fonts and nice graphics.

MGBD Parts & Services

worst car websites

Color Combinations I wish I had Ray-Ban now. I wonder if brown and black mixed with bright red and white is colorblind. Web designers fail miserably when they think about reinventing a porous website design. This site is not meant to be minimalistic. These pages are full of low-resolution content and images that interfere with navigation. Also, the logo on the homepage does not match the logo on the other pages.

Alfred Sung Eyewear

bad eye wear websites

After complaining about this high quality website, we decided to check it out for ourselves and we had a lot of fun at home. The Mystery Meets home page is easy for users to navigate and I don’t blame anyone for giving up multiple access to the design catalog. The biggest problem is using the flash on the home screen. This is not compatible with most Firefox browsers. In fact, a vacuum can occur when electricity is cut off. It confuses, frustrated, and upsets you.

Headhunter Hair Styling

worst salon websites

Older workshops should belong to off-season skateboarding. The beach background and burning tiled sea views make this place a beach vacation. The current site has been improved, but it is very slow and slow to load. Search for a cell phone and you won’t like it. The splash screen is a splash screen with a simple slider for saved images. This is a huge waste of bandwidth. The company was able to do this without a front page and soon started working on a designer proposal.

Electrifying Times

worst seo agency website

From captivating GIFs to spinning banners, this awesome electric car website has it all. With crisp animations and simple fonts, you won’t miss a single word. The site is full of negative space (not used wisely) and an embedded video player with relevant information. This site is not optimized for mobile devices. And they will ask you to review your calendar to make sure you traveled on time. The design dates back to the early 2000s and the site is difficult to navigate.

worst book design

With all the answers and animations ready, this website can be considered a very simple and easy website. Unfortunately, it repeats the use of animations that take a few seconds to load and the lack of user-friendly navigation. Do you think the link is great, and after clicking on an ad on the homepage, you suddenly forgot? This is definitely a strange page and its purpose is unclear.

Penny Juice

worst juice web design

At first glance, the site seems very secure. But the deeper you go, the more your fear will scream at you and the more you realize your desire to play The Conjuring Detox again. Step inside and your sides will be filled with color. However, despite all the different colors, the information is barely readable due to the font choice. If your website is trying to be smart about focusing on water, you are wrong. This shock can take you out of juice for a while.



If you see a calming, chaotic pattern, take a look at some of the gems here. But for many, the first shock is too great. On average, new users panic for about two seconds before visiting this worst website. The content and layout are too heavy. I think this site has many possibilities and materials that are in desperate need of spring cleaning.

Serene Naturist

worst massage web design

Even if the butterfly-shaped stone carvings and dancing images on the screen don’t massage you, don’t blame yourself. In addition to relieving headaches, Serene Naturist’s design choices, font choices, and website navigation can create a whole new set of problems. Also, you never know if a nude ass and topless photo placement sends the right message to your audience.

Ling’s Cars

car web design

Worst websites look like 70’s LSD or Molly Ride, but not in a good way! Neon background and music that Helen Keller sees and hears. The overall purpose of this site is to provide car rental services, but Jogging Chicken and Delek webcams have no areas of interest to consider. The whole mess of the website hides Ling’s real content and services.

P&M computers, Inc


If your business promises to provide IT services and software solutions, then at least expect to build better websites. Their wallpaper selection is fantastic and I think it’s a prime time for any unwanted home page on any website. This is the worst site with a strong internet connection and the homepage mainly has the P&M Computers logo. Say goodbye to stagnation on your homepage by simply pasting it into your title or slider.

Paradise with a View

worst booking website design

If you look at the worst side of the internet, your cravings for a sunny Hawaii vacation disappear. Home screen images vary in size, with smaller fonts. At all levels of content, iridescent colors aren’t all that useful either. Flashing fuchsia text in the center of the home screen, unanswered patterns, and swirling navigation options make you think about climbing. When you want to book a vacation, your body and mind scream for the rest it needs. But field visits are enough to destroy the rest of the peace.

Where To Eat


The next time your child or loved one asks for the definition of “spread everywhere”, do not say anything and submit this website. On other days, you can choose this website to teach your child the alphabet they see as they literally go down the stairs. However, what was immediately disappointing was the decision to update the website. Ask someone in a good mood someday, and now black and white life will be more interesting

worst travel website design

Don’t criticize one-time sales of alternative medicines. However, when choosing colors, fonts, and tons of Wikipedia links, you need to wonder if the designer has visited other websites in his lifetime. Clicking on the site search option will open a new tab that will take a few seconds to load. Scrolling through each page is cumbersome and I’m pretty sure each page has 20 pages of data and information. There is a huge lack of duplicate content and unwanted material removal. The overall design and planning is bad and not good for the mood right now.

Industrial Painter

worst painting web design

Organizations that work with color (also known as color) have a hard time understanding how to choose blue as the primary color for their website. Keep in mind that this is an eye-catching type of blouse. One thing to note is that there is a tab on the right that takes you to the HTML site. The gist of this question is why you visit a Flash site that is not completely satisfactory.


worst skin care web design

Who is Jimmy Lane? No, this is not a strange topic. This behavioral model shows the faces of five women to the banner visitors of this page. It looks like a bag that closes with a drawstring. Also highlighting keywords in bold blue is definitely life-stealing heaven.

worst web design

The name of this page accurately summarizes our view on design. The brutal dissemination of information seems to allow preschoolers to build websites. Really. Imagine a large area on the right filled with an umbrella that stands out like a selected paragraph in a Word document. Trust us now.

Gates N Fences

fences poor web design

Who is Jimmy Lane? No, this is not a strange topic. This action expands the site’s banner with the faces of five women among the visitors. It looks like a bag that closes with a drawstring. Also, bold blue keyword highlights are definitely heaven to steal your life.

Elements of Good and Bad Website Design

By looking at these examples of both good and bad websites, we can learn quite a few things to incorporate so your website ends up on the right design list:

• Pages should be clean and well-defined adding interest instead of detracting

• Mobile friendliness is key in 2021 and beyond as search engines shift their focus toward smartphone devices

• Intuitive, easy to find navigation is important to the user experience

• CTA’s, or calls-to-action, should be easily identifiable and guide users to take the next step of your marketing sales funnel

• Fonts should be applied consistently without using multiple types, sizes, and colors

• Fonts should be applied consistently without using multiple types, sizes, and colors

• A clean, visually appealing layout and interface is easier for users to digest

• Every site should have a purpose and tell a story; the design should flow around that purpose and story

• Use adequate security protocols to ensure customer financial information

• Provide thoughtful and interesting content to rank well in search engines

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