Top 9 Mistakes that Kill Your Startups

Today, our schools aren’t teaching our youth anything about finances or business or startup mistakes. Over the next 100 years, it will lead to one of the biggest problems in our society – a lack of leaders. Gary Vee once said “If your parents are paying for any part of your lifestyle and you’re over 22 and you shit on them behind their backs for not helping more. You need to rethink your perspective on life”.

It is easier to land a man on the Mars than to change the school system. S can’t say..

– Elon Musk

Startup Mistakes

startup mistakes
  • Bad Location
  • Single Founder
  • Raising Too Little Money
  • Hiring Bad Employees
  • Not Putting in Enough Effort
  • Bad Planning and Structure
  • Wrong Audience Targeting
  • Choosing the Wrong Platform
  • Poor Internal Management

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