This is where 99% of Digital Marketing Services getting it wrong. Running campaigns and sending traffic straight to a landing page, or even worse, their homepage, and attempt to go to straight for the sale and pray they’ll make a profit.

They simply disregard all the necessary steps that take place to place turn a stranger into a satisfied, paying customer.

Think Like a..

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  1. Ex: If you want to become a billionaire, you need to think like a billionaire.
  2. Time (Most valuable, non renewable assert in the world)
  3. Focus on highly leveraged activities
  4. The money in the business is not in your products or services, it’s in the selling of your products or services (Focus on selling)
  5. Remember market doesn’t pay to have the best products or services. It rewards you for solving problems.
  6. 4% rule: It refers to high leveraged activities as the 4% activities that move the money needle
  7. Pareto’s Principle: 80/20 rule. 20% of input creates 80% of the result, 20% of the workers produce 80% of the result, 20% of the customers produce 80% of the revenue.
  8. The no 1 rule in business: Sales/Marketing are the tip of the spear and everything else stems from this point.
  9. ADS is system where putting 1$ in which generate 2$, 5%,10$ or even 100$ back

Understand the Dream Buyer

“The goal is to wow people with this experience. If done right, this HVCO will prompt a conversation to take place in their mind: ‘If this is what they’re giving away for free, imagine what their paid products/services are like!’”


Digital Marketing campaign Strategy

The Larger Market Formula

analytico digital marketing services pyramid
analytico digital marketing services pyramid

Should you spend some of your time, energy, and resources targeting that 3% that has their wallet out and are thinking to make a purchase? Of course.

But you should spend just as much of your time, energy, and resources targeting that other 97% and moving them closer to making a purchase (and, in particular, making a purchase from you). The key to appealing to a larger percentage of your market – the prospects that fall in that 97% – is to establish yourself as someone they can trust. And how do you do that? By becoming the go-to authority in your space.

The Goal

Move 97% of potential customers up in the pyramid faster.


Think of it like the blue light that attracts the insects in A Bug’s Life.

Social Media Marketing

“Once you know what your market is starving for, then you take your product or service and craft it into a compelling pitch.”

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Plan a Strategy or offer They can’t refuse

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