Our Digital Touch points

Electronic interactions that takes place between a brand and its consumers along the buying journey from first discovery to follow-up after a sale.

  • Awareness
  • Discovery
  • Engagement
  • Active Client
  • Successful Client
  • Refer

Step 1: Take on a client’s (or prospects) point of view.

Step 2: Listen all your customer touch points

Step 3: What does the customer want to do?

Step 4: What experience do you want to create?

Step 5: How can you enhance the customer experience?

Modern Customer Journey


  • Social, Search Advertising
  • Email, Text Marketing
  • Loyality Programs
  • Youtube/Video Ads
  • Other Mediums


  • Organic Search
  • PPC
  • Maps
  • Directories
  • Apps
  • Near Me
  • GPS


  • Blogs and Articles
  • Reviews
  • Social Media
  • Word of Mouth


  • Online Booking
  • Website
  • Purchase via App
  • Instore Purchase
  • Sales Person
  • Marketing Materials


  • Post Purchase
  • Expectations vs Reality
  • Social Post
  • Write a Review
  • Blog
  • Word of Mouth

Online Decision Making Moment (ZMOT)

  1. Zero Moment Of Truth is called as ZMOT.
  2. Use search to uncover and understand the moments that matter.
  3. Be present in the moments that matter.
  4. Having something interesting, relevant and/or engaging to say.
  5. Measure the impact.

Our Services

Whatever package you choose from us we implement along with the various strategy analysis with customer retention measure with DISCIPLINE.

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